The Best Styles for Leather Handbags

Women love leather handbags not only because of the material but also with the many styles that it comes with. There are several varieties of leather handbags which you can choose from, and each one can provide a different sense of style especially on whatever matches your outfit the most. So if you want to know the different styles of leather handbags then check out this list.

Tote – It is an oversized leather handbag that is commonly used by women to carry their heavy loads when going to work or just strolling around town. Leather totes usually have a large capacity which allows you to store your laptop, paperwork, or even lunch. It is popular among modern moms since it can also double as a purse-diaper bag combo. This bag also has long, expandable straps that make it easy to wear the bag over your shoulders.

Hobo – It is the most common leather handbag, and it’s great for everyday use. A majority of the leather hobo handbags’ top layer is made of top-grain leather since it can be dyed in any color that you want. There are lots of varieties when it comes to the size of this handbag, but it’s never considered to be oversized or bulky. This handbag can easily store your cell phone, wallet, and other personal items with still enough room to spare.

Satchel – Full-grain and top-grain are the commonly used leather to create these handbags. This is ideal for women who are always on the go wherein it also comes with a chest-crossing strap. You won’t have a hard time opening doors, carry shopping bags, or maneuver strollers with this handbag because it is completely hands-free. To add more to the convenience, consider a leather satchel handbag that comes pockets and compartments for your other items.

Shoulder Bag – If you are looking for versatility in your leather handbag then the shoulder bag is the one for you. This handbag usually comes with 2 straps so that you can carry it with ease. You can also have a short option by letting the strap lay on the shoulder and fit it under your armpit. If you prefer the longer strap, then it will let the bag rest on your hip while it drapes over your shoulder. Shoulder bags are also available in top-grain or soft suede leather.

Clutch – This small, hand-held leather clutch is sometimes referred to as a coin purse. It is a small handbag that is enough to carry your everyday essentials such as identification, credit/debit cards, cash, cell phone, or lipstick. If you are going on a short trip to the store or to a special evening out, then this is the ideal handbag to carry along with you. It is commonly made of soft suede leather, and it goes best with strapless gowns or other evening wears.

With these many choices for your leather handbags, you surely can’t go wrong with the many styles that you want to pair it with.