How to Maintain Leather Handbags

Leather handbags can be quite expensive which is why it needs to be handled and maintained with care. There are different ways in which leather bags can be maintained, so it’s ideal that you know how to ensure that it will last for a really long time. So if it’s your first time doing this sort of thing, then you’re in luck because we have some of the best advice that could guarantee your leather bag’s lifespan. Check this piece of advice out and experience how well your leather handbags turn out after this.

Daily care for your leather handbag – If you use your leather handbag regularly then it is prone to several kinds of stressors and damaging conditions. Even something simple like overstuffing and oil stains can cause some damages to your leather handbag. So it’s ideal that even by applying just a little bit of care, you can actually prevent permanent damages on it.

Keep your hands clean – Leather is capable of absorbing oil and other substances that it comes in contact with. If that is the case, then you must keep your hands clean before you think of touching your bag. If you have some oil on your skin, then it can darken the leather over time which will eventually lead to stained spots. Also, oil can attract dirt which will leave your handbag to look dingy.

Keep your makeup in a separate pouch – Since leather is prone to stains, it would be ideal to isolate items that can cause some damage to your bag. For your essential makeup, you should have a cosmetic pouch to store such items so that they won’t directly come in contact with your leather handbag if ever there will be a leak. You will surely be thankful for this small yet helpful investment.

Avoid overstuffing your bag – If you are the type of person who carries a lot of things and likes to think that there’s more room for items to be stored in your bag, then it can permanently alter its shape and appearance. You should limit the items that you want to store in your bag to the essential ones only. Also, avoid storing heavy objects in your bag even if there’s enough space left because it can stretch or tear the leather.

Keep it dry – If there’s moisture buildup on your bag, then it can damage it by either swelling or losing its shape. Rainy or snowy days are not the best weather to use your handbag so it would be best to swap it with something that can tolerate such conditions. If ever your handbag gets exposed to rain or accidently got some water splashed on it then you should follow it up immediately by wiping a clean cloth on it until it gets dry. Avoid using a clothes dryer or hair dryer in making it dry because these 2 things can even worsen the condition of your leather handbag.