How to Identify If Your Leather Handbag Is Genuine?

A handbag that is made of leather has a classy look because of its rich, elegant, and natural finish. In today’s market, you will be able to spot leather handbags being sold that look real to the genuine one, but it comes at a much lower price. There are also those that only contains part leather but the retailer or manufacturer still claims it to be genuine. These are ambiguous strategies made by the seller and would eventually mislead customers. So if you don’t want to be duped and want only to buy a top quality leather handbag, then here are some ways on how you’re going to do it.

Be wary if the handbag doesn’t claim it to be a real leather – If the handbag has a label that says “manmade material,” then it could indeed be made of synthetic leather. But if there’s no indication on the handbag at all, it could be that the manufacturer wants to hide the fact that they’re not selling real leather. If ever you’re buying something used, then there’s a chance that the label might have been torn off. Whatever the case is, always look for the label to verify the handbag’s authenticity.

Check for imperfections on the surface of the leather to determine its authenticity – If you happen to spot some imperfections on the leather handbag then it’s a good sign. Keep in mind that leather comes from animal skin and each one may come off as unique depending on the animal that it was made from. Once a manufacturer gets more skilled in creating their handbags, their designs gets better in mimicking real leather. So if you’re buying online then it can be a bit difficult to tell since you’re looking at something through a picture without verifying it through your touch. In this case you need to make some research and check the brand online, to understand if it is reputable enought to trust it. Most of the time if they say that a leather handbag is actually real leather it is true. Because reputable brands would not want to jeopardyze their reputation.

Press into the leather then look for signs of wrinkles and creases – Just like real skin, real leather will wrinkle under the tough. If the material is synthetic leather, then it depresses down under your finger and will retain its shape and rigidity.

Smell the leather and look for the natural, musty smell – If you’re not sure what real leather smells like then visit a branded store that is trusted on selling leather handbags or any other leather items in general. If they have synthetic pieces, then smell on those as well. Synthetic materials usually produce a plastic or chemical-like smell. Once you understand how to differentiate the smell, the difference between a genuine and a synthetic one can be unmistakable.

Bend the handbag – You should try bending the leather handbag, and if it slightly changes the color then it could be the real thing. This test is somewhat similar to the wrinkle test since real leather handbags always show a unique elasticity when they are bent such as wrinkling naturally and changes its color. A synthetic leather handbag will just look rigid and natural and may even be hard to bend.

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